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Steele Grain Woodworking

Custom Engraved Ring Toss Game

Custom Engraved Ring Toss Game

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Material and Finish
!Personalized And Hand Made Specifically For You!

The Ring Hook Game Is a fun and all around entertaining party game for adults. Race your piece across the racer board one spot at a time with each successful try at hooking your hoop!! First one to get the racer piece off the racer board wins ... the looser gets to take the shot. 

We take pride in every game we build. Individually built to order and using only premium hardwoods, CNC engraved, our products are built to last and gorgeous to look at. No shotty box store pine here!! 

We can personalize yours by engraving up to 20 characters free of charge. We can also do a custom multiple line engraving as well. These larger engraved games can be found listed for sale on our Etsy page under the XL Ring Hook Games.

Because of the attention we put into each order we do NOT build these in bulk like most of the others you'll find on Etsy. We build it custom to your needs. On top of that, we hand and machine sand all the pieces up to 120 grit and 220 on the rounded edges. And all engravings are done with our CNC machine for a unmatched accuracy and clean, professional look.

 It's this attention to detail that shows why we are putting out a superior product when compared to our competition. 

Ring and hook tower along with the racer piece board are constructed from either oak or walnut. The pieces are sanded and can be stained (light, gray or dark stain for oak, your choice) with all the edges rounded over. The racing piece is a sanded and stained dowel made from poplar for all Oak and Walnut Games. A sturdy standard sized shot glass will accompany the purchase as well.

Place your order with us and we will have your new personalized Ring Hook Game out the door and on its way to you in just a couple days (typically 4-5 days).

The advertised pictures of this game were taken of games we made from walnut. Oak wood selections will slightly vary in appearance and color.

**Return and Refund Policy**
All sales from our store are final. However, because wood naturally moves by expanding and contracting, products such as this can sometimes suffer damage after they're initially built. If this happens to you within the first 5 days after receiving your purchase then please contact us. We will refund you the cost of shipping so you can send the item back to us. We will thoroughly examine the item and if we discern the damage was not due to user missuses or neglect or shipping mishandling we will rebuild the item and ship its replacement to you at no additional cost. No refunds of the items original cost will be issued.

Materials: wood,walnut,oak
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