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Steele Grain Woodworking

Walnut and Padauk End Grain Cutting Board

Walnut and Padauk End Grain Cutting Board

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This gorgeous end grain cutting board pictured measures approximately 18"x10"x1.5". It is constructed from Black Walnut, Bubinga, Padauk, Maple and Zebra wood. It has cove handles cut into each underside of the board for easy gripping and lifting.

All colors in the wood are natural. No dyes or stains are used and the wood is joined using food safe wood glue. All boards are sanded to a high finish and treated with an initial coat of food safe mineral oil. All orders come with care instructions.

Padauk can have a deep dark red color, a more orange tinted red color or even a vibrant red color. However, when the woods end grain becomes wet it will slightly bleed that same red color. This is a natural occurrence with this species of wood. So take special care to clean with disposable paper towels or dark colored hand towels after use.
Return and Refund Policy:
All sales from our store are final. However, because wood naturally moves by expanding and contracting, products such as this can sometimes suffer damage after they're initially built. If this happens to you within the first 5 days after receiving your purchase then please contact us. We will refund you the cost of shipping so you can send the item back to us. We will thoroughly examine the item and if we discern the damage was not due to user missuses or neglect or shipping mishandling we will rebuild the item and ship its replacement to you at no additional cost. No refunds of the items original cost will be issued.

Materials: Wood

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